You Say News Log, I Say Web Blog

You Say News Log, I Say Web Blog


We’ve been noodling about press releases and news lately – not just obvious, material news like quarterly financials or clinical data, but “almost” news like attendance at an invitation-only conference or re-appointment as an adjunct professorship.  “Obvious” news goes out on the wire as a press release, and is then posted to a company’s News page.  But what about less obvious news?  While there may not be a clear-cut need for a press release, there is a strong rationale for posting “lowercase” news on your company News page.  To be clear, publicly traded companies must disclose material news in a full-disclosure manner.  But both public and private companies may have lesser news that they choose to share.

The company News page: Your News page is akin to a blog that visitors can view for an “at-a-glance” understanding of the company’s activity. This channel can be used to share information that visitors would be interested in learning – for example, an op-ed penned by a member of the management team.   In other words, consider extending the use of your News page beyond that of a repository for wire service press releases.

Social media:  While social media allows for ongoing news distribution, the various channels are less helpful for “at-a-glance” insight due to limits on individual posts, yet unlimited cumulative posts.  Because traditional media came first, it is now a habit at most companies to pull press releases through their social channels.   There is an opportunity, however, to consider pulling some of the content from your social channels through to your News page.

Wire service press release:  When a piece of news is released over a wire service, a company believes that this is material information.  There is normally time, resources and a process in place for this type of news.  But utilizing an all-or-nothing, “it’s a press release or it’s not news” mindset can create an unnatural limit on what visitors to your News page can learn.

Providing up-to-date information is crucial to keeping your audiences in the loop.  While not all news may be worthy of wide distribution, providing updates on an ongoing basis is not only suitable, but also desirable.  Think broadly about your News page, as it can be used for wire service press releases and more, filling the role of an ongoing, cumulative forum for the company’s activities.