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Our Practices

Our firm focuses on innovative health and science global brands from emerging to commercial. These brands are committed to advancing health and science products that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery, markets, and more. 

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The LHS Emerging Practice

The LHS Emerging Convergence Practice is focused on companies in drug development and screening, digital therapeutics, customized treatments and intervention, decision support, prevention and early disease detection. We offer right-sized, integrated investor and public relations strategy and execution as well as digital + creative solutions to companies dedicated to innovating, thriving and focused on leapfrogging the standard of patient care.

From company launch to expansion, we have the chops to deliver. Our clients partner with LHS and our firm delivers from early beginnings to the expansion phase and beyond. Ideal companies are pre-revenue, venture-backed or small-cap public companies in early development.

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The LHS Commercial Practice

The LHS Commercial Practice works with commercially-ready companies and provides elevated services with dedicated account teams in product and corporate positioning strategy, PR and marketing, including market shaping and enhanced investor communication services to support in-house teams in global expansion mode. Whether you’re readying for a regular milestone, FDA/EMEA response, we have the chops. The LHS team has years of experience and case studies in market molding, demonstrating intentional actions to shape market structure, dynamics and conditions to achieve desired outcomes.