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AI in Health

Pros and Cons of AI in Health and Science Public Relations & Investor Relations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential of changing the PR and IR world as we know it today. In the field of biotech, life sciences, and medical technology where effective communication is crucial for…

Supercharge your IR with Strategic Social Media

Supercharge Your Investor Relations and More with Strategic Social Media

Investor relations and social media – two seemingly unrelated entities that, when combined, form a powerful strategy for modern businesses. Much like classic pairings such as peanut butter and jelly, eggs…

Balancing Act

Balancing Act in Health Communications

Are there differences in managing communications and strategic communications/investor relations (IR) across all industries? Are the basic skills that you would apply to other industries transferable to health and science…


Pre-Commercial Biotech IPOs: Navigating the Data Desert

For pre-commercial life science companies, clinical trial data is king. There may be other members of the court – regulatory decisions, business development and corporate updates – but trial data…

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