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Creating Influence and Awareness for Your Brand

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Elevating Brands with Strategic Storytelling and Targeted Earned Media Engagement

LaVoieHealthScience builds recognition and strengthens brands through influential strategy and execution. We utilize a range of strategies to tell your story from a unique lens. We begin with messaging, positioning, and stakeholder mapping to shape your program. Whether your program is focused on investor audiences, payer community, physicians or consumers, we’ve got you covered.

Our Core PR & Marketing Services:

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Media Strategy & Execution

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Thought Leadership

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Social Media & Digital

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LHS Public Relations: Creating Influence & Awareness

We combine near and long-term media and speaker opportunities to reinforce brands. With more than 60 awards, we design your program for your situation and needs. We provide dedicated account teams with special expertise in PR, earned and paid media, marketing, digital and social media.

Our approach includes the amplification of our clients’ stories to key stakeholders.

  • Specialize in developing the right approach to media.
  • Focus on building and maintaining relationships with science-and-health/technology-focused journalists.
  • Convey simplified stories that resonate.
  • Focus on earning high-impact media placements.
  • Synthesize traditional media approaches with social media and web strategies to meet your needs.
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Shaping Markets & Relationships for Success

Our teams create frameworks for thought leadership, including themes unique to spokespersons that ladder up to your value proposition and thematically drive presentation and panel opportunities, leading to media engagement to targeted outlets. We leverage the spokesperson’s established networks of influence in media to validate and amplify, then engage via social media and digital approaches. Spokesperson and media preparation as well as mock training ensures on-target messaging and results of desired outcomes.

Patient engagement and issues advocacy are critical to understanding the landscape. Engaging with patient advocates, physician opinion leaders, media, elected officials and health influencers is part of our PR strategy, in particular for commercially minded companies, charting their course toward commercialization. Using analytics, insights and past experiences, we understand how advocacy can help shape markets and cement relationships that matter.

In Action: Rare Disease Communications Strategy

Spotlight on Rett Syndrome Burden of Disease

The Change They Wanted

  • The impact of daytime breathing apneas on Rett patients have been historically discounted by the medical community’s understanding of the disease.

  • Illuminate breathing difficulties as a critical element of Rett syndrome within the scope of client's mission.

  • Drive focused messaging across stakeholders to communicate the severity of Rett syndrome symptoms.

What We Did

  • Used “surround sound” multi-media approach to communicate the impacts of breathing difficulties, and the subsequent burden placed on Rett patients and their families.

  • Increased investor awareness on the impact of this fundamental re-understanding.

  • Built international visibility for Newron’s Rett Burden of Disease study.

  • Highlighted Rett Awareness Month on social channels with a focus on the burden of disease.

The Change We Delivered

  • Developed a video series on the burden of disease employing personal stories from patients and families.

  • Planned and executed a successful investor event with high in-person and webinar attendance.

  • On target messaging from leading experts in the field.

  • Developed and shared original content during Rett Awareness Month.

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