What’s on Your [social media] Bucket List?

What’s on Your [social media] Bucket List?

We hear it all the time – my company wants to start a social media program, but we’re concerned we won’t have the content to maintain the program. To address this concern, LaVoieHealthScience recommends a two-tiered structure. First, develop three categories to “bucket” content, and use this framework to develop evergreen posts. Second, be prepared to initiate news or insert your company into ongoing conversations as topics arise. With this structure in place, not only will you have an ongoing program of social media news, but also you will establish your company voice.

Establish Themes, Develop Baseline Content
For example, your categories could be “Disease Awareness and Developments,” “Therapeutic Approach” and “Industry News.” With these themes as a guide, write five evergreen posts per week for starters, one per weekday. Evergreen content can be posted at any time. For example, a “Disease Awareness and Developments” post may cover estimates of those affected, or advocacy group news. The “Therapeutic Approach” post could include advances in immuno-oncology, small molecules, implantable devices or whatever your company’s focus area. An “Industry News” post can showcase what is happening in the life science industry – ideas include an exciting speaker, book or conference.

There are different tools you can utilize to schedule posts and track industry leaders and news. One commonly used dashboard allows for the pre-scheduling of posts, including customization of the time and social media channel[s].

Initiate News; Insert your Company into Conversations
With a baseline of evergreen content developed, you’re free to spend some time on real-time company news and engage with other thought leaders. Not sure where to start? Of course, press releases will be pulled through your social channels. Whether the news is regulatory, clinical, corporate or commercial, company news is a must for social distribution. Beyond press releases, however, companies also have less obvious news. Sometimes it is a corporate event or support for a local non-profit or advocacy group.

Social platforms also offer an opportunity to insert your point of view into ongoing conversations. Part of establishing a social platform is determining who to follow. With other thoughts leaders in view, you can comment, repost and/or like others’ conversations. You can also start a conversation with a White Paper or other “point of view” collateral.

Social platforms are built to foster conversation so on top of sharing your news you should be interacting with other people/companies in that industry. Commenting, liking and reposting shows you are actively engaged with industry events, while ensuring regular, relevant content.