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7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Ever hear of Serial? How about Planet Money? Thanks to the growing popularity of podcasts, programs like these have become household names for millennials and older generations alike. Podcasts have changed the way many of us get our news, listen to stories, and learn about current trends.  They’re convenient, entertaining, informative and industry specific. We’ve put together our top recommendations for keeping up with important biotech and marketing topics; whether you’re a faithful subscriber or a first-time listener, you won’t want to miss these shows!

For your biotech and life science interests…

The Readout LOUD

Our first choice is STAT’s weekly podcast, hosted by Damian Garde, Rebecca Robbins, and Adam Feuerstein. This show offers a mix of current biotech news, deep dives into the industry, and upcoming events. For a first listen, try “Fake friends at the FDA, cancer counter-narratives, and biotech’s bear turn.” The Readout LOUD is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.

The Long Run with Luke Timmerman

Another biotech-focused podcast we’re enjoying is The Long Run with Luke Timmerman. Tune in to hear Luke Timmerman, author of The Timmerman Report, chat with leading figures in the biotech space, such as LaVoieHealthScience client Chris Garabedian, and Life Science VC Bruce Booth. Check out the archives here.

Rare in Common

Sprung out of an Emmy-nominated documentary, Rare in Common serves as a platform for people impacted by rare disease to share their stories. Host Andra Stratton chats with patients, caregivers, and physicians from the rare disease community, telling stories which enable us to rethink what being rare really means. Explore the Rare in Common site to find past episodes and information about the documentary.

For your PR & Marketing needs…

SHEQuality Podcast

The SHEQuality podcast, presented by the PR Council, is recorded weekly and hosted by Lee Caraher, a seasoned communications strategist, CEO, and author of two business leadership books.  Each week, Lee interviews senior female leaders in PR and Communications to discuss their personal stories, touching on challenges they’ve faced, landmark achievements, and their best advice for other professionals.  Keep an eye out for the episode “Woke at Work”, featuring LHS President and CEO, Donna LaVoie, for commentary on unconscious bias, decision making ,and women in STEM.

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee supplies listeners with new content weekly, as hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn record their podcast in a local coffee shop over a cup of Joe.  Episodes are only 20 minutes long and contain quality marketing tips and tricks.  Listen to “Google Marketing Platform, Quantum Computing and The Last Blockbuster!” on your next commute.

Just for fun…

Two Disabled Dudes

Looking for something a bit lighter? Try Two Disabled Dudes, a podcast where friends Sean Baumstark and Kyle Bryant interview guests, talk about their lives, and generally have a good time. Both hosts are affected by a rare disease called Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), which impacts their balance and coordination. Their positive attitude, humor, and open perspectives make this podcast truly stand out.

The Limit Does Not Exist

Hosts Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell base their podcast, The Limit Does Not Exist, on the mentality that creativity and STEM work better together.  Guests are often described as “Human Venn Diagrams” – artists, musicians, and scientists all rolled into one.  Cate and Christina recently chatted with Kevin Clark, a philanthropy consultant, product manager, and musical composer – just one of many diverse and engaging individuals who appear on the show.

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