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5 Tips for 2021 Virtual Conferences

As we continue with virtual conferences in 2021, here are some tips to help you navigate the digital format and reach your target stakeholders at this year’s virtual conferences.

  1. Take advantage of one-on-one partnering systems offered by the conference to get a head start and set up meetings in advance of the conference. As an example, the BIO One-on-One Partnering system saves outreach from their conferences in your profile, so you can track who you have met with before.

2. Develop a conference participation strategy for the year targeting the audiences you are looking to reach whether it be investors, partners, or the medical community.

3. A short elevator pitch is essential in generating interest in your company. Keep it concise, within a minute and include your most important points. The goal is to pique interest in a longer conversation.

4. Be comprehensive in your preparation. Update your company presentation materials to reflect your most recent accomplishments from 2020. A polished and accurate presentation will bolster your profile when connecting with investors and partners.

5. Stay engaged with the people you (e)meet through social media. In addition to reviewing presentation materials, ensure that your own social media platform is active and updated. Stay connected with people beyond the conferences and engage an even larger audience.

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