John Heenan headshot

John Heenan

Director of Growth

John has more than 20 years of marketing experience helping brands grow and marketers achieve aggressive goals. He started his career at companies like Sony, Philips, and Uniden, managing world-class brands to achieve noteworthy brand and sales goals. For example, the Sony brand moved from 11th to the #1 most popular brand in the US, beating Coke, Disney, and many others. John held a marketing and customer acquisition advisory position with Aces Health, a clinical trial management system to engage with patients and collect real-world data autonomously through mobile and IoT devices for Biopharma and Academic Research. Aces was acquired by West Coast consumer app/game development company First Foundry. He has worked with numerous clients and agencies on strategy and growth initiatives across various industries, including Pharma, Biopharma, MedTech, Clinical Trials, Investor, Provider, and Payer engagement.