Elise Simard

Elise Simard

Media/Spokesperson Training

Elise Simard is a highly regarded coach, trainer, and communication specialist who believes that effectively communicating ideas is just as critical as the ideas themselves. With over two decades of experience, Elise has collaborated closely with companies to assist them in achieving their growth objectives by cultivating executive and team communication skills. Elise’s passion for communication began during her successful career in the broadcast field, where she worked for prominent channels like WCVB TV Channel 5 and served as a producer for SVS, Inc., a Boston-based broadcast company working with clients including CNN, MSNBC, E! TV, and Reuters.

Elise is widely recognized as a sought-after communication specialist who coaches speakers for various engagements, including broadcast/print interviews, media tours, podcasts, panel discussions, conferences, and keynotes. As the President of SpeechComm, she has successfully developed and delivered professional skills training seminars to various industries, including finance, AI enterprises, information technology, business services, healthcare, accounting/legal, construction, building automation, media, travel, and restaurant/food services.

Elise’s commitment to ongoing research in business communication methodologies and continual refinement of her programs based on current training philosophies sets her apart as a true specialist. In addition, her training and corporate coaching style reflect her belief in immediate implementation to maximize tangible results.

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