Investor Relations &
Corporate Communications

Building Value for Your Assets and Innovations

We work with public and private companies, from seed stage through IPO and beyond, to define your story and strategy for the investment and scientific communities.

Whether your company is publicly traded or has an eye on a future IPO, our Investor Relations offerings ensure a credible, investable story. With an integrated communications offering, we leverage media and other connections to extend your IR reach.
Paul Sagan


LHS’ full-service approach to investor relations is tailored to each organization’s individual needs. Our staff can effectively partner with your internal IR resources, or provide full-charge external IR representation and administration. We provide strategic counsel from professionals with more than 25+ years of senior-level experience throughout the healthcare and life science market segment.

Our ultimate goal is to build shareholder value for your organization and market value for your assets.

Our strategic locations in both the “biotech hub” of Massachusetts and the “financial hub” of New York City gives us intimate access to top-tiered investors, analysts, bankers, as well as potential strategic partnership companies. And our long-term relationships with sell-side analysts, knowledgeable in a broad range of therapeutic areas, provide invaluable access to the investment community’s key influencers.

Our corporate access capabilities are extensive. In an age of diminishing efforts by investment banks due to the restrictions of MiFID II, we coordinate deal and non-deal roadshows both domestically and internationally. We organize participation at key investor conferences – including one-on-one meetings with institutions, bankers and analysts – as well as developing bespoke R&D Day and KOL events that elevate your presence.

Our strategic messaging, executive presentation coaching, investor perception studies, and experienced disclosure and transaction communications counsel ensure that management is consistently delivering a credible story that builds long-term value.

LHS Reach™

LHS Reach™ is our integrated methodology for IR annual planning that pulls through unified messaging, identifies and engages targeted investors and analysts, with a focus on building relationships and gathering feedback to build and maintain credibility.