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How Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence Extends Your Brand Beyond Other Social Media Profiles


LinkedIn is a critical tool for networking, branding, and showcasing the talent that makes your team unique. With a growing number of life science professionals on LinkedIn, your company’s presence on the platform can serve as a point of reference for investors, partners, media, healthcare professionals, potential advocates, and prospective hires.

An active company page and detailed employee pages tell your story in different ways than a website or other social media channels. Here are some distinct ways that LinkedIn can advance your brand:

Unique Environment for Sharing Success

LinkedIn’s professional, learning-centric culture offers a more business-focused content environment than Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The content shared on LinkedIn is oriented towards business success strategies and career improvement, providing a great opportunity to share your company’s value through thought leadership and educational pieces.

Making your science and research understandable to a broad audience of professionals on LinkedIn can boost awareness of your company in and beyond the life science sector.

According to Sharon Correia, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at LaVoieHealthScience, “LinkedIn has proven to be a very effective channel for our clients to share press releases on corporate news, new drugs, devices, features, and clinical trial results, as well as blogs, webinars and thought leadership events. LinkedIn posts also can help companies showcase their culture, community service, philanthropic investments, their commitment to patients & caregivers and employment opportunities.”

Learn from other companies and influential professionals in addition to sharing your own expertise. Actively participating in the culture on LinkedIn can position your team as valuable thinkers who demonstrate an interest in the success of others, opening doors for networking and other opportunities.

Less Noise

LinkedIn offers a smaller community than Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and provides a more focused audience, given that users’ accounts are strictly professional. According to Statista, as of April 2019, LinkedIn had 303 million active users, versus over 2 billion for Facebook, 1 billion for Instagram and 330 million for Twitter.

LinkedIn is different from other platforms where individuals may have multiple accounts —personal, professional, comedic, or otherwise focused. On LinkedIn, the content you share is not constantly competing with memes and pictures of cute animals

According to Sharon Correia, sharing content on LinkedIn is great for building awareness of your life science company because posts last longer and don’t get buried as quickly in people’s feeds. Sharon points out that clients can achieve added amplification on LinkedIn because simply liking a post can make it show up in someone else’s feed, and content doesn’t cycle as rapidly as on Twitter, now known as X.

Some companies do post on LinkedIn daily, but many do not. On LinkedIn, the emphasis is quality over quantity. Bring your most important achievements in science and medicine to interested professionals and use LinkedIn to expand your company’s visibility in the growing life science area.

Emphasis on Individuals

LinkedIn can humanize the leaders and team members that truly define your company. An employee profile on LinkedIn differs from a website bio, a Twitter handle, or even a resume. It summarizes a person’s skills, experiences and professional accomplishments, creating a quick story that speaks to the individual and the company.

The standard profile format on LinkedIn also makes it easier to find and connect with details in a profile. Making relevant connections can be useful for attracting top research and life science talent to your team, as well as building meaningful relationships. LinkedIn is your company’s social media in loafers and a button-up. Focused on professional growth & networking, free of the character limit of Twitter and removed from the noise of larger platforms, it is crucial to consider LinkedIn in your life science company’s social media strategy. Use LinkedIn’s distinct opportunities to elevate your online identity.

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