GRO Biosciences

  • Promote the Company’s trajectory, emerging from stealth mode to completing a Series A financing
  • Articulating high science was a key challenge for GRO Biosciences – how do you make the science understandable and memorable?
  • Build awareness of the Company’s NSAA therapeutics that feature previously unattainable capabilities including unprecedented duration of action and precise regulation of the immune system

Collage of articles related to work done with GRO Biosciences

LHS Solutions

  • LHS Immersion® presentation and materials – Blueprint plan with media recommendations, 30/60/90-day plans, messaging, corporate timeline, story lines and recommendations on spokespeople for the launch, Series A financing
  • Developed a compelling, differentiated message platform that articulates GRO Biosciences’ value proposition
  • Informed the development of a Blueprint Plan that delivered GRO Biosciences’ value narrative and key messages to target audiences


  • Spearheaded content development for the GRObio website – intuitive site navigation, three new medical illustrations and a modern and dynamic design reflecting the Company’s brand and identity
  • Developed and managed the launch of a social media plan, media strategy, branding guide, and corporate presentation for the Company
  • Implemented communications plans including ongoing media and thought leadership placements in industry and scientific publications
  • Increased appreciation, enthusiasm and understanding of GRO Biosciences’ value proposition among investors, financial analysts and potential business partners
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