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10 JP Morgan Week Survival Tips #JPM2020

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Start reaching out if you have not already to top targets

Spread a wide net.  Extend your reach and target 20% or more new names. 2x outreach + personal emails.  Master schedule, one pen. 30 min meetings; 15 min travel time

Try BIO’s 1×1 meeting platform or BTS’ online platform to schedule

Check your message and refresh; if presenting announce PR (optional)

Branch off – Divide and conquer with your team to meet new people

Don’t focus on your phone – Strive to meet new people

Be efficient with your message

Don’t go too green – paper or pixels?

Listen – master class in the business of science and medicine

Have a plan with some holes – impromptu meetings and on the spot networking

Follow up – recap, update and capture database, summarize and feedback

Prepping for JPMorgan Week 2020 and Beyond:

The Fifteen Slide Presentation: Learn to communicate the essence of your company’s message in just 15, well crafted slides

The Elevator Speech: Create a 60-second pitch about your company to use at upcoming networking event

The Basics of Public Speaking: Refresh your public speaking skills with tips on giving an engaging and effective presentation

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