Three Tips to Start the New Year

Three Tips to Start the New Year


Starting the new year off right is important. Here are three tips to keep you on track through 2017:

Strategize for the upcoming year. With so many conferences happening worldwide, this is the time to plan which one(s) are right for your company this year. These are great opportunities to connect with appropriate audiences and learn about the newest and exciting industry news. Choose wisely and make the most of your time once there.

Stay Connected.  You can’t be in person at every event, therefore use social media to stay informed on activities that are happening across the life science ecosystem.  This can be initiating conversations or inserting yourself into ones that are already ongoing. Social media can help you stay plugged in regardless of your geography.

Spend your time efficiently. Whether this is at a conference or in your office, time management is crucial. Your time is important, as is your audience’s. Don’t waste time with a slide deck that drags on and loses effectiveness. Fifteen slides is a perfect amount to get your point across to stakeholders and prospects in the most efficient way.

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