Thought Leadership Series on Public Speaking

LaVoieHealthScience, sponsored by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, produced these videos to help you prepare your conference presentations and improve your public speaking style.

Watch these videos as you put the finishing touches on your presentation for the upcoming life science conferences.

The LHS Fifteen-Slide Presentation™
Being a great scientist or a great business visionary is just not enough; you must also be a great communicator to a diverse group of stakeholders. Develop 15 well-crafted slides to tell your company story.
Video 1

Public Speaking Strategies for the CEO
Learn and practice the most effective public speaking techniques, and let your authenticity and passion for the company shine through your speeches.
Video 2

Creating Your Elevator Pitch
Create a compelling elevator pitch that summarizes the basic facts about your company and customizes to appeal to the listeners, make a memorable impression, and reach your business goals at the upcoming life science conferences!Video 3

For more information on maximizing the company presentation experience, download our LHS whitepapers here.