Sometimes News Doesn’t Just Happen

Sometimes News Doesn’t Just Happen

Sometimes news happens – you have pipeline, product or partner news.  Other times there is less obvious news to share, but there are still activities underway.  For those in between times, there are a number of techniques we can use to uncover “lurking” items for our clients:

Newsjacking:  The David Meerman Scott concept of capitalizing on current, trending news items and associating a product, service, or client with that news.  The keys to news jacking are speed, and having the instincts to not only know what’s hot, but also what’s appropriate for your client or brand.  It might be as simple as providing reporters with a medical professional who can speak to the illness diagnosis of a famous celebrity, but the result is that your client is riding on the crest of someone else’s wave.

Data:  If there is one item that biotech and pharma clients tend to have in spades, it is data.  And that’s good, because bylines, white papers and infographics are excellent execution tactics, and they usually start with interesting data.  Perhaps a client’s data shows that its signature product has an unintended benefit beyond the problem it was built to solve.  Package up that data in the most appropriate form, and carefully determine whether to release it in peer review at a medical meeting and in which forum.

Events:  Developing a special “one-time” event is another way to keep a brand in the public eye.  If there is a gap in a client’s news flow, fill it by creating a simple, catchy event to generate buzz. If everything breaks right, like it did for the ALS foundation’s “Ice Bucket Challenge,” it can go viral and drive awareness for days, weeks or even months!

Having important news to share certainly makes the job easier, but not every day is going to be packed with breaking announcements, product or platform launches, or key new hires to share. Developing a rhythm of interspersing content in between key news items is critical to ensuring a continuous flow of news for your client or brand.