Senior Account Executive, Investor Relations

Founded in 2001, LaVoieHealthScience is an independent, fast-paced, award-winning communications agency serving the thriving health science industry.

With a passion for innovations that benefit humankind, LaVoieHealthScience provides consulting, public and investor relations services to biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device & other health science-focused companies. We design and execute strategic communications programs that make our clients’ technologies, products, and services known, understandable and approachable.

As a Senior Account Executive, you will immerse yourself in our client stories, understanding their business model, product development and/or commercialization strategy, the potential marketplace and disease indications, competitive landscape, pipeline, and the science behind it all. In addition, it is expected that you will work towards better understanding the biotech/pharmaceutical/health care/medical device/diagnostics industries and compliance / regulatory issues as well as your practice area: public relations, investor relations, corporate communication and/or product marketing.

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