Paper or Pixels? We’ll Take Both Please

It’s one thing to be environmentally conscious, but another to give an Investor Relations presentation without offering any type of hard copy collateral. In a move to “go green,” some are choosing to offer USB sticks, others are simply not handing out any material at all. But this is a mistake. The hand-out need not be glossy brochures, annual reports and/or SEC filings. Rather, a single-page fact sheet or copy of the slides can support the real-time presentation, while ensuring legs beyond the meeting itself.

disappearing-pixelsThe goal of an investor relations presentation is to enhance credibility and raise visibility. As a publicly traded company you must distinguish your company from the thousands of other companies vying for attention. Whether the audience are long-time followers or newly-engaged prospects, a hard copy hand-out is an easy opportunity to ensure the audience leaves with your message.

We’ve heard some presenters decline to provide copies of the presentation because they don’t want audience members skipping ahead. This is faulty logic. A good speaker will engage and monitor the audience. If attendees are skipping ahead, this is a clear signal to get them back on track.

Companies should also have a fact sheet. This type of hand-out provides an opportunity to repeat the message and restate the take-aways in the company’s own words.

At LaVoieHealthScience we recommend companies provide a copy of the presentation and an at-a-glance fact sheet at any investor meeting. An investor relations presentation is not an exercise in environmental activism. Rather, with a goal of leaving an imprint, paper is a valuable resource.

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