One Great Day, Two Great San Diego Workshops

Monday, June 19; One Great Day, Two Great San Diego Workshops

Tales from the Biotech/Medtech Road and 15 Slides to Glory

Angus McQuilken, Vice President for Public Affairs, will be moderating a panel on June 19 at 9:00 am PT, Tales from the Road, at Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI), San Diego.  The panel will feature four life science entrepreneurs who will share their experience with fundraising. The panel will focus on tactics, and the audience will leave with new tools and information to help them along with their own fundraising efforts. The panel includes Magda Marquet, Chairman & Co-Founder, AltheaDx; Michael Tippie, CEO, Lipidomics; Mike Moradi, Co-Founder & CEO, Sensulin; Joyce Lonergan, Founder & CEO, Mellitus.

Donna LaVoie, President & CEO, will be hosting a workshop on June 19 at 2:30 pm PT at BIO International in San Diego, “15 Slides to Glory: How to Create Your Company Presentation.” It will cover how to create an essential company presentation in just 15 slides. Attendees will participate in an interactive session to learn about the basics of effective public speaking, including the importance of avoiding information overload.  As preparation for this session, please download, read, and fill out, the brief worksheet linked below on “Creating Your Elevator Pitch,” the first essential part of crafting effective presentation slides. This session will include audience members sharing their elevator pitches and getting live feedback on which elements work well and which need improvement. WORKSHEET LINK: