Marketing Communications Program

Novadaq Institutes Brand Marketing Communications Program

  • Novadaq recently embarked on introducing the company in US markets and on a global basis and by establishing themselves as leaders in florescence imaging
  • Accelerate the brand among key constituencies in a cohesive, comprehensive manner
  • Created a brand communications strategy to introduce the company as leading imaging illuminated
  • Conducted LHS Immersion™ to establish the corporate vision, mission and messaging to target stakeholders
  • Developed an integrated brand strategy to create a point of view and brand identity
  • Implemented Ingredient Branding elements: visual hallmark, tagline and color palettes for all products
  • Development of a marketing communications program with key message development
  • LHS Immersion® which was carried through product and brand communication strategies
  • Elevation of strategic initiative among internal stakeholders, analysts, advocacy groups and patients