LHS IR Spot – Managing an IR Database: FOMO vs. TMI


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real in the IR business. Did you miss a Boston investor who asked for a 1:1 the next time you’re in town? Did you forget that great question asked by a San Francisco-based analyst? But try to capture too much intelligence, and you wind up with TMI (Too Much Information) – a bloated, overwrought database where useful information is buried. In the battle between FOMO and TMI, we recommend a balance of customization and consistency to capture relevant intelligence, define real-time insight and create on-going outcomes.

Customization Do not use customization as an opportunity to develop an unlimited number of categories. Rather, a philosophy of “minimal optimal” will ensure a manageable number of categories, optimized for your company-specific purposes. For example, one general category for “meetings,” whether it’s a one-on-one held at a conference, as part of an NDR or an on-site visit.

Consistency Once the customization is in place, make a commitment to enter company-specific information on a consistent basis. For example, every time there is an interaction with an investor or analyst, input a note: “Met with Taylor at BofA conference.”

Relevant Intelligence With a minimal optimal framework in place, you can input company-specific insight within the note to capture relevant intelligence. “First-time meeting with Taylor, holds position in PeerCo.”

Real-time Insight Include a bullet point that addresses the contact’s real-time feedback. Are they waiting for a particular milestone? Attending J.P. Morgan/Biotech Showcase in January? “Will continue to monitor OurCo, in particular interested in pipeline.”

On-going Outcomes Use a final bullet point to summarize next steps. “Make sure to reach out for next West Coast trip.”

Any subscription database is a means to an end, not an end into itself. While there is a baseline value in the subscribed data, the real prize comes from intelligence you add that is specific to your company. With a balance of customization and consistency, your database can provide relevant intelligence, real-time insight and on-going outcomes.

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