10 Top J.P. Morgan Survival Tips


Start now.  Start reaching out to those you want to meet with, with an up-to-date message and an appropriate presentation.

Spread the net wide.  Extend your reach and target 20% new names.  Not sure how you’ll find them?  Try meet.bio – a dedicated platform for those who plan to be in San Francisco.

Check your message. Some things never change, but others should. Make sure your message and positioning clearly articulate your current vision and opportunity. Need help? Refer to LHS Immersion™.

Branch off.  Divide and conquer.  Don’t do every meeting with every co-worker. Take a different path and strive to meet new people.

Turn off your phone.   Of course we want you to keep on top of important issues back at the office, but don’t overlook the people right in front of you.

Be efficient.  It’s tempting to tell your audience everything you possibly can about your product, platform or service. Don’t do it.  Fifteen slides is plenty.  Check out The LHS Fifteen-Slide Presentation™ for insight.

Don’t go too green.  It’s easy to forego hard copy collateral however a hand-out can support the real-time conversation, while ensuring an imprint beyond the meeting itself.  Paper or pixels?  Both please.

Listen.  JP Morgan week (aka BioWeek SF) is a great opportunity to pick the brains of a wide variety of life science practitioners – across functions, products, platforms and technologies – this is a master class in the business of life science.

Have (most of) a plan.  Leave some holes in your calendar for impromptu meetings and on-the-spot networking.  If you’re too tightly scheduled you may miss an at-hand opportunity.

Follow up.  Schedule time after you’re back in the office to follow up with the contacts you made in San Francisco.  Nothing is easier than getting jammed back into your day-to-day work; ensure you’ve penciled in time to debrief.

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