Investor Relations: R&D Day


NewLink Genetics Educates and Updates

  • Educate the investment community on NLNK’s immuno-oncology platform and clinical trial programs
  • Use an Investor Day to provide institutional investors and analysts a reason to invest, build and maintain relationships with analysts and provide a corporate update
  • Established criteria for the target audience
  • Implemented outreach and invite tracking system to ensure attendance
  • Developed the right strategic messaging and content
  • Prepared speakers for on-point delivery including rehearsals and Q&A
  • Message trained KOLs and management
  • Developed extensive slide presentation with chapters
  • Delivery of a compelling and comprehensive overview of NLNK’s strategy and expectations to a standing-room crowd of 50+ attendees
  • Established new relationships with targeted analysts and investors
  • Received positive analyst coverage and upgrades