Investor Relations/Corporate Communications

"Whether your company is publicly traded or has an eye on a future IPO, our Investor Relations offerings ensure a credible, investable story. With an integrated communications offering, we leverage media and other connections to extend your IR reach."
--Beth Kurth

Our investor relations and corporate communications services are designed to ensure credibility and extend visibility. We offer content and context, including material development, market intelligence and reinforcing tactics.
Our expertise includes:

Beth Kurth

Vice President & Group Director Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

Phone: 617-374-8800 x106

Paul Sagan

Assistant Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

Phone: 617-374-8800 x117

Tell Your Company Story in 15 Well-Crafted Slides:

The LHS Fifteen-Slide Presentation® designates a clear outline for life science companies to explain their product category, market differentiator, leadership position, regulatory pathway and financial position and is designed for use across partner and investor audiences.

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