Establishing Your Positioning and Messaging

Situation Analysis

  • Company was introduced in the US and globally on Nasdaq and established themselves as leaders in florescence imaging
  • The campaign objectives were:
    • To accelerate the brand among key constituencies in a cohesive, comprehensive manner
    • To develop a brand communications and ingredient branding strategy to introduce the Company as leading imaging illuminated

LaVoieHealthScience Solution

  • Conducted LHS Immersion™ our branded process, to establish the corporate vision, mission and messaging to each target stakeholder
  • Developed an ingredient brand strategy to create a point of view and brand identity for how the Company’s products (existing/new) will be positioned within the industry and with partners
  • Implemented Ingredient branding elements such as visual hallmark, tagline and color palettes for all current and new products


  • Developed a communications program with key message development through LHS Immersion™ which was carried through product and brand communication strategies
  • Elevated strategic initiative among internal stakeholders, analysts, advocacy groups and patients
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