Dr. Patricia F. Dimond, Ph.D


Senior Scientific Communicator

Dr. Dimond has been a long-time contributor to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. Currently, she is president of BioInsight Communications, a strategic communications consultancy for the biotechnology industry.

Dr. Dimond has written over 600 articles about the business and science of biotechnology. She holds an MS in scientific communication from Boston University, an MSc in membrane biophysics from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and a PhD in cellular biochemistry and molecular biology from The Catholic University of America.

During her career in the biotechnology industry, Dr. Dimond was VP of strategic development and corporation communications at Coley Pharmaceutical Group (now Pfizer), where she developed and managed the company’s investor relations and communications programs and raised $28 million in the company’s final pre-IPO private equity financing.

Prior to joining Coley, Dr. Dimond held positions at Noonan/Russo Communications, Genzyme Transgenics Corporation, and at PerSeptive Biosystems, and as a Senior Counsel to FTI Consulting.