Digital Marketing

LaVoieHealthScience builds awareness and influence among key audiences and stakeholders with its digital marketing capabilities.

Gelclair Patient Testimonial

Video produced for Dara BioSciences to raise awareness of Gelclair as a treatment for oral mucositis, a condition causing painful blisters inside the mouth brought on by radiation or chemotherapy treatment.


Impact of Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension

Video produced for Chelsea Therapeutics (now Lundbeck A/S) to personify the debilitating effects of neurogenic orthostatic hypotension on patients’ lives, a condition causing low blood pressure upon standing resulting in fainting, dizziness and difficulty standing.


Pain: A Conversation

Video produced for Hydra BioSciences highlighting new treatments in development for chronic neuropathic pain. Bringing a Community Together

Video produced for Newron Pharmaceuticals showcasing patient journeys through identifying and treating patients with Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic postnatal neurological disorder affecting exclusively females.


Oticon Opn: Changing the World for the Hearing Impaired

Video produced for Oticon drawing attention to their latest hearing aid and how it has changed the lives of hearing impaired patients.