Conference Strategy Planning


As the investor conference season winds down, it is time to strategize and plan for future conferences. Companies should optimize their time and budget by aligning their conference strategy with their corporate goals.

First, let’s take a look at the decision-making process on attending conferences.

      • Who should attend from your company?
        • Investor:  CEO, CFO, IRO
        • Partnering:  CEO, Marketing, CSO
        • Medical:  CEO, CSO
      • What is your goal in attending?
        • Seeking Partner(s)
        • Raising capital
      • Where is the conference being held?
        • Does the location of this conference fall within your budget?
        • Could you combine this trip with a meeting in the same area with one of your stakeholders?
      • When does this conference coincide with a major announcement or corporate goal?
        • Announcing big news at a conference can gain additional publicity
      • How is your presenting officer prepared to tell your story?
        • Develop your story in 15 – 18 slides targeting two types of meetings:
          • One on Ones
          • Group

Next, research the conferences that meet your basic criteria. LaVoieHealthScience offers a comprehensive list of investor, partnering and medical conferences that you can find here.

Investor Conferences
If you are looking to increase your company’s visibility among potential investors for an upcoming IPO, additional capital raising or attracting new investors, attending investor conferences will maximize your outreach efforts. Online partnering offered by many conferences enables you to target potential investors who are attending the conference and conveniently set up one-on-one meetings helping to ensure a full schedule of meetings upon arrival at the conference.

Partnering Conferences
Perhaps your goal this year is to is to find a partner to help you develop or market your product. These conferences match those looking to develop or market their products with those companies looking to invest in future products.  Many times investor conferences also attract those looking for partnering opportunities.

Medical Conferences
If you plan to achieve a major milestone in your product development pipeline this year, unveiling the news during a medical conference can optimize your exposure to stakeholders on the cutting edge of the medical area where you are working.  These conferences may also be a good option if you are developing products in a particular therapeutic area, and you are looking to build relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and advocacy organizations in that area.

For additional resources as you develop your conference plan, check out our resources on:

Lastly, if you are looking to consider all of your conference options, download our comprehensive conference calendar here and check back for updates throughout the year.