Complex Storytelling – Targeting and Outreach

Situation Analysis

  • A well-established, publicly traded health care company with a decade of almost 10% CAGR, was on the verge of becoming a $1B/year company
  • The campaign objectives were to:
    • Reframe and refine the Company’s complex product story and corporate story to make it investor friendly
    • Move past the “same old, same old” investor meetings at conferences 

LaVoieHealthScience Solution

  • Identified key touch points for company products and solutions, as well as products in development
  • Developed dynamic introduction slide and full corporate deck through LHS’s proven 15-slide methodology
  • Targeted investors and assisted in setting up meetings and organizing one-on-one schedule during JP Morgan Conference


  • Increased Company stock following JP Morgan to all-time high of $44.44