Samantha Choinksi | Public Relations Specialist

Samantha is a public relations consultant with several years of experience in strategic communications and media relations. The majority of Samantha’s work has been in the healthcare industry, with concentrations in pharma, medical device and biotech. Her work has included placing quality print, online and broadcast stories to create awareness about client news and drive significant clinical trial recruitment. She believes the best way to secure those pieces of coverage is by sharing impactful patient stories that drive home the value of a client’s work. Articles and segments she has worked on have created awareness for an opioid dependence implant treatment, an Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial and colon cancer screening product to name a few. Samantha has secured stories in outlets including the CBS Evening News, NPR’s All Things Considered, Women’s Day and Reader’s Digest as well as a health feature story syndicated on Hearst stations across the country. Samantha’s specialties include media relations expertise, quality writing of press releases, pitches and bylines as well as speaking & awards programs.