Catch up on some of your favorite LaVoieHealthScience blogs! They include, Infographics: No Longer If, But HowHow and When to Build a Board and Paper or Pixels? We’ll Take Both.

Infographics: No Longer If, But How


Infographics are no longer “if we have the time and budget,” but “how do we make ours inform and engage.” Engagement is increased markedly if a picture is included.  We took a deeper dive on why, which and how to use infographics.

How and When to Build a Board: A Primer for Emerging Companies

How many people, when to recruit and what kind of strategy to build a board for an emerging health science company?  We surveyed a few trusted board members  for advice on when to build a board, how to select board members and what size board to consider.

Paper or Pixels? We’ll Take Both

It’s one thing to be environmentally conscious, but another to give a presentation without any hard copy collateral. Read our thoughts on using a single-page fact sheet or copy of the slides to support the real-time presentation.

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