An Effective Health Science Company Presentation in 15 Slides

CEOs of health science companies are asked to do it all!15 Slide GraphicBeing a great scientist or a great business visionary is just not enough; you must also be a great communicator to a diverse group of stakeholders – investors, customers, partners, suppliers, regulators, attorneys, employees, doctors, patients, caregivers and advocacy groups.

Communication is an art acquired only from years of learning and practice. Donna LaVoie, President and CEO of LaVoieHealthScience, describes the best practices to develop 15 well-crafted slides to tell your company story.

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If you follow these recommendations, we are confident that you will effectively communicate your key messages to engage your key stockholders and achieve your goals. We at LaVoieHealthScience are ready to work with you to make you a better presenter if you want to engage experts to craft your message, train your spokespeople and set expectations.