Account Director, PR & Media

The account manager/account director for PR will lead media relations initiatives on several key accounts in the agency’s growing client roster of health and science innovators – public and privately-held companies.  Will work to oversee key accounts in conjunction with team. Advances to level 2 skills in media relations, social, writing, client counseling and sales.

Includes, but not limited to the following:

Client Management Responsibilities

  • Provides solid recommendations and strategies to client(s) and follows through on those recommendations with flawless execution.
  • Maintains day to day lead account role on designated account(s).
  • Works with clients to discern messaging of product(s), data as well as business unit/corporate messaging. 
  • Develops appropriate strategies to communicate client brand based on the competitive landscape and the news item; can anticipate how message will be received across various audiences.
  • Develops and executes client public relations/affairs programs.
  • Understands product PR for therapeutic/diagnostic/medical technology product(s) and how to position leading up to commercialization and/or partnership.
  • Oversees client budgets and understands how to manage client budgets and expectations.
  • Actively leads team to learn more about the industry and effective tools to gain client respect.
  • Writes more technically oriented (data focused) press releases, fact sheets, and other client documents.  Works with team to provide drafts.
  • Ensures documents are finalized through internal protocols to provide clients with error free documents.
  • Identifies the most effective tools to get the best job done for clients within a reasonable budget.  
  • When situation is appropriate, reaches out to third parties such as partner companies, physicians who have authored key data to be presented at medical meetings or, in a medical journal to coordinate quotes, interviews or other details.
  • Oversees client timeline, competitive client news.
  • Participates in brainstorming sessions to create opportunities for visibility for clients or to properly position clients when news is not as expected.
  • Works with team on account planning; updates internal documents as needed.

Media Relations Responsibilities

  • Develops traditional and online media strategies on client’s behalf on an international scale. 
  • Actively participates in the identification of media targets for client companies, provides outreach to select media and works with team to execute on the set up one-on-one meetings and follow up, if needed.
  • Works with team to outreach to media on clients’ behalf; pitch client story as appropriate and agreed upon; conduct interviews with client and/or account team.
  • Ensures that team properly distributes news over the wire (different for each client).
  • Possesses a good understanding of unique media angles and use of analytics for measurement.

Agency Management Responsibilities

  • Fosters positive attitude, collaboration, and enthusiasm.
  • Responsible for performance reviews and professional updates to staff including mentoring.
  • Provides strategic input into the firm’s PR initiatives in terms of attracting new clients, outlining new products/services to provide clients and actively supports marketing the firm’s capabilities.
  • Actively recruits and interviews new potential account staff to align with the firms PR initiatives and client accounts.
  • Actively participates in the business development initiatives of the firm including on-site pitching, proposal writing and/or review, active networking, and prospecting for potential new clients.
  • Provides input into branding of the firm including outreach to PR publications and updating of the firm’s website.
  • Effectively sets goals and actively contributes to the firm’s “Standards of Excellence” in order to develop best practices for growth.
  • Ensures agency has active relationships with third party vendors such as graphic artists, printers, web service providers, wire services, etc. to fulfill client needs.
  • Oversees management of account staff time against approved client budgets, works with VP, Finance to update budgets accordingly.
  • Watches contract due dates and anticipates in advance to renew.
  • Actively participates in firm-wide planning and other management meetings.


  • Achieves basic competency within the healthcare/science-based industry.

Media Relations

  • Regularly contributes creative ideas for media angles and themes for media pitching.
  • Masters basic media pitching skills and develops the ability to work effectively with top-tier print, online, and broadcast media.
  • Exhibits progress in creating media relations strategies around components of client media campaigns.
  • Demonstrates competence in preparing clients for media interviews and provides feedback.
  • Oversees junior staff on media relations, while executing on all media relations activities.

Social Media

Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding and ability to execute across the following core social marketing areas:

  • Social Channel Fluency: possesses a comprehensive understanding of the major social media marketing platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, blogs), their overall function, the types of content that populate the channels, and displays an ability to apply that knowledge to a brand’s marketing communications.
  • Community Management: publishes and manages social channels on behalf of LaVoie’s clients; writes and edits copy, engages in timely stakeholder conversation, posts relevant content, captures and reflects the brand voice of the client; works with Channel Managers for content/copy approval.
  • Influencer Campaigns: produces and executes targeted social media influencer campaigns including research and list development, influencer relations, and engagement.
  • Monitoring: synthesizes monitoring data into insights and reports back to clients.
  • Social Media Auditing: completes a competitive analysis of an individual company’s social media strategy and channel activation, as well as competitive benchmarking of an industry’s best practices
  • Use of Social Tools: understands the free and paid tools used to execute influencer campaigns, social listening, client monitoring and reporting.
  • Ongoing Trend Analysis: stays current on social business trends, tools, and resources for managing, monitoring, and executing social marketing programs.
  • Social Participation: follows LaVoie’s social media channels and participates by sharing content and adding to the conversation.


  • Can effectively tackle increasingly complex writing assignments such as client memos, more sophisticated press releases, case studies, first draft strategy documents, brochures etc.
  • Demonstrates the ability to adapt “style and voice” to client documents reflective of client culture, industry, and use (e.g., brochure vs. bylined article vs. blog post, consumer vs. B2B).
  • Contributes portions of new business proposals (e.g., research and other creative sections).
  • Demonstrates strong skills in thought leadership writing assignments (e.g., bylined articles, op-eds and white papers).
  • Oversees and edits the writing of others.

Client Counseling and Relations

  • Establishes good rapport with clients and speaks with clients daily about routine activities.
  • Attends all client meetings (as needed).
  • Injects creativity into client programs.
  • Contacts and corresponds with clients; communication increases as individuals gains confidence and demonstrates sensitivity to client culture and expectations.
  • Taps senior counselor(s) for advice on handling client situations.
  • Recognizes a crisis as it is happening and creates possible solutions.
  • Understands when senior client counselors need to be consulted.


  • Participates in sales presentations (as appropriate) and takes on more responsibility in drafting segments of proposals.
  • Joins industry organization(s) and participates in business networking to increase visibility of the firm and help generate sales leads.

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