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2021 Preview: A 360-Degree Global Market View

The “2021 Preview: A 360 Degree Global Market View,” virtual webinar was designed to discuss global market trends on public and private United States, Europe, and China markets, JPM virtual week in January 2021, and more. Panelists, including myself as moderator, consisted of industry leaders, including Dr. Alexandra Goll, Managing Director of Biopharma Advisory; Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments; and Amit Munshi, President, CEO and Board Member of Arena Pharmaceuticals. Key takeaways for biotechnology industry executives include China’s policy changes promoting incentives for life science innovation which are predicted to have implications for US and EU innovation and strategy as well as the continued importance of emerging EU companies having a footprint in the US and solving for the talent shortage in our sector. 

Read the full article on the PharmExec website.

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